Top Places For Gap Cover in South Africa

Gap cover is an extremely important product to consider in order to prevent the shock of high, unexpected medical bills that were not paid in full by your medical aid. In fact, if you do not have this product, it is time to give it some serious consideration. Further, you should speak to one of the top places for medical gap cover for some sound advice. Below is a list of top companies for gap cover.

Indeed, you do not want to find yourself struggling to raise money to pay for medical expenses. Especially if you assumed that you would be taken care of by your medical aid. So speak to the leaders in gap cover and get immediate peace of mind. The sooner you have the cover, the sooner you can relax.

You might well have thought that the cover provided by your medical aid was sufficient. At any rate, you can avoid the financial burden by taking the time to investigate the benefits of gap cover. It is a really cost-effective option that you can add to your medical aid to cover medical shortfalls.

What is Gap Covertop places for medical gap cover?

Gap cover is designed to cover you for the shortfall, or gap between the amounts charged by hospitals or experts and the amount paid out by the medical aid.

Indeed, the short-term insurance product will protect you from a wide variety of additional medical bills that you would otherwise have to try and suddenly find money for. Be prepared.

10 Top Places for Medical Gap Cover

There are many reputable companies offering some great gap cover products for the South African market. Below are a number of top places for medical gap cover. These top places for medical gap cover include;

1. Sirago

Sirago’s gap cover plans start at low cost per month for a family of five. There is no maximum age and no annual limits. They also offer cover for in-hospital dentistry as well as optometry and many other healthcare benefits.

2. Essential Gap Cover

Essential has a choice of two policy options:

3. Complimed Gap Cover

Complimed offers some great, highly affordable options.

4. Zestlife

Zestlife’s has a range of plans. They provide cover for in-hospital procedures, shortfalls occurring from specialist and doctors fees as well as cover for hospital treatment co-payments.

They offer a once-off payment in the case of a cancer diagnosis. The company also provides accidental permanent disability or accidental death payouts . Optional additional cover for oncology and dentistry is also available.

5. Stratum

Stratum has inexpensive plans.

6. Ambledown

Ambledown covers in-hospital services as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy on an out-patient basis. They pay up to 500% of medical scheme rates with a limit per family per annum.

7. Xelus


Xelus offers Gap cover to supplement all recognised medical aids. They offer a Fusion package for employer groups.

8. Jenius

Another one of the top ten gap cover companies, Jenius provide cover for medical shortfalls

9. Talksure

Also a top rated gap cover provider. Talksure provides a host of benefits.

10. Turnberry

Turnberry plans pay up to 500% for in-hospital expenses.

Their Elect-A-Care standard plan provides cover for in-hospital dentistry, scans and scopes as well as out-patient scans.

The Elect-A-Care-Plus has additional benefits.


Now that you have looked at the top places for gap cover, there can be no denying the importance of being covered. Above all, it’s not something that can be neglected or ignored.

In order to protect your health, without the burden of unplanned or unexpected high costs, gap cover will give you the extra protection needed to ensure your taken care of. Get Gap Cover for complete peace of mind.

To learn more about the costs and options, please complete the form on this page and you will receive a compoimentary gap cover quote.

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