One Way to Get Medical Shortfall Cover

So how do I get medical shortfall cover?

Importantly, you can get a quote right here on this page by completing and then submitting the form. In addition, there are many gap cover providers including:

Get Medical Shortfall Cover from Zestlife

So who’s covered by Zestilife via Liberty?

  • Firstly, all applicants guaranteed cover as long as they belong to one of these medical aids – click here to see the list.
  • Importantly, there is no age limit for entry
  • Significantly, any number of children will receive cover
  • And there are no additional cost to provide cover for adult beneficiaries and these include siblings and parents of policyholder

 Get Medical Shortfall Cover Here

Get Medical Shortfall Cover from Turnberry

Importantly, their most ideal gap cover option, named Premier, contains loads of very useful benefits. And among these benefits are:

  • In-hospital cover. And Turnberry will cover treatment expenses at a maximum rate of 600% (physiotherapy, pathology, radiology, anaesthetists, GPs, specialists etc.)
  • Cover for co-payments including those carried out out-of-hospital such as PET, CT and MRI scans
  • And there is cover for sub-limits, which then does not prescribe limits to internal prosthesis
  • Then there is R200 000 cancer cover per year per insured (R200 000 excess)
  • Cover for biological cancer medication
  • Additionally there is a lump sum payable following first cancer diagnosis
  • When an accident occurs, then you are covered by a casualty benefit, which covers costs associated with treatment, consumables, pathology, radiology and doctors within a casualty unit
  • Total and permanent disability, death covered by a personal accident cover
  • R5 000 000 travel cover per insured
  • Additionally there is a medical aid and gap premium waiver

Get Medical Shortfall Cover from TRA

All this gap cover provider’s policies:

  • Members and dependents can claim benefits, as long as they are members of a medical aid scheme
  • And there is no age limit for entry
  • Do not have any waiting periods
  • Benefits can be enjoyed immediately by all policyholders, other than for certain procedures and/or conditions
  • Procedures that receive immediate cover include removal of gall bladder, appendectomies, tonsillectomies, vasectomies, sterilisations, and all emergency treatment
  • Per year per insured gap cover limit of R150 000

Get Medical Shortfall Cover from Stratum

The shortfalls/gaps covered by Statum are:

Benefit features:

  • 500% rate gap: basic in-hospital shortfall, consequently paid at five times the tariff rate
  • Co-payments: tariff shortfalls and co-payments are covered by Stratum gap cover
  • Oncology: most medical aids nowadays feature a cancer treatment sub-limit. Stratum does not.
  • Sub-limits: triggered by medical aid sub-limits on certain treatment courses, and internal prosthesis.


Sanlam offer aditional features to their gap cover. These are:

  • Medical facility cash benefit: only paid in cases of premature births and accidents, with limitations then being R20 000 per year per beneficiary
  • Day 1 to day 13: R300 per day
  • Day 14 to day 20: R600 per day
  • And day 21 to day 30: R1 200 per day
  • In addition, there is premature birth cover (6 weeks or more ahead of birth) per event and a payout maximum of R12 000
  • Dental reconstruction (oncology and trauma) per condition/event with a payout maximum of R40 000


Importantly, the most cost friendly gap cover provided by Cura is Gap Co MRI, which costs R295 per month. Additional features include trauma counselling, casualty, consumables, among others.


Significantly, the gap cover option named Gap Select covers sub-limits, co-payments and 5 times the medical aid scheme rate.

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All info was correct at time of publishing