Simplified Gap Cover

You can obtain simplified gap cover from Discovery for as little as R65 a month. Now, what could be more simple and affordable?

What is simplified gap cover?

  • Discovery has simplified gap cover
  • Its claims processing procedure fills in the payment gaps
  • You can obtain a simple gap cover plan for as little as R65 a month
  • For R90 a month you get extra in-hospital specialist cover
  • Speak to a Discovery consultant – it’s that simple


The R65 monthly offering is for the Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover, while R90 a month will buy you the Discovery Gap Core.

These gap cover options by Discovery give you both cost-efficient and competitive protection.

For R90 a month you can receive the additional in-hospital specialist cover of up to 200%. It will cover you for any new medical fees related to in-hospital procedures that cost more than your medical aid scheme is to pay.

New Discovery Gap Cover options – Simplified Gap Cover

Simplified Gap CoverDiscovery has introduced a new product to its gap cover stable. Not only is the Discovery Gap Core a new product but it is also a much more affordable option and will significantly enhance your cover not only for in-hospital shortfalls but also for cancer-related claims.

Improved Oncology Benefits

Discovery’s Oncology Extender Benefit has been significantly upgraded and now offers policyholders immediate access to a maximum amount of R100 000 annually for any shortfalls on approved cancer-related claims. This benefit kicks in just as soon as you have exhausted your medical scheme’s oncology threshold.

Benefits of a Discovery gap cover policy – Simplified Gap Cover

In-hospital specialist cover protects you against medical scheme shortfalls for specialist in-hospital procedures

Pre- and post-hospitalisation cover is an optional extra that covers you for both pre-and-post-hospitalisation specific shortfalls that may occur out of the hospital

Comprehensive cancer cover provides extra funding to assist with oncology co-payments, while Discovery’s Supplementary Gap Cover helps to pay for high-cost oncology treatments

Additional financial support for severe illness is from Discovery’s Supplementary Gap Cover with lump-sum payments and premium protection that will help to ease the financial strain on your family because of ill health.

Simple claims process

One simple claims process is from Discovery. Its claims process identifies gaps between medical aid scheme payments and pays those automatically.

Premiums are individually calculated strictly in accordance with the pricing principles for short-term insurance and life insurance. You will have to meet certain requirements on the application. And there are waiting periods based on your selected gap cover health plan.

Speak to a Discovery financial adviser today. Simply visit them online, fill in the required information and a consultant will contact you shortly.


If you’re already a medical aid member, complete and submit the form on this page to get a Gap Cover Quote.

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