Instant Life Gap Insurance for Medical Aid

The medical practitioners’ fees who attends to you in the hospital will be far more than what your medical aid will pay. That is where Instant Life gap insurance will save your wallet.

The reason private doctors fees are well over the medical scheme tariff rate guidelines is that they set their rates. And the medical aid will have none of this.

They will only pay for amounts in keeping with the NHRPL price list. And anything over this you will have to pay.

Instant Life gap Insurance keeps Sky-high Medical bills Grounded

Instant Life gap insurance

Gap cover is appealing to South Africans because it is affordable. You can’t however just buy gap cover on its own. You must belong to a registered medical scheme first.

South Africa has lots of good medical gap cover providers, one of which is Instant Life.

Absa Life has been granted the regulatory approvals to acquire a controlling interest in the direct life insurer Instant Life.

Instant Life is an online life insurance distribution platform. They offer life, critical illness and disability cover and operate as Absa Instant Life.

Why choose Instant Life gap insurance

Instant Life entered the South African life insurance market during 2009. Underwritten by GuardRisk, the sign-up process is online. There’s no paperwork, and Instant Life is simple and speedy to help their customers.

Benefits from Instant Life gap insurance

Instant Life knows that most in-hospital procedures requiring treatment by a private specialist will leave you with a payment shortfall.

  • Instant Life cuts out call centres and brokers and offers premium discounts of up to 50% on their range of insurance products. Cover is instantly activated
  • Instant Life provides cover of up to R2 million each year  for specialist medical fees and in-hospital procedures
  • Up to R200,000 in cover for each member each year for medical payment shortfalls
  • Instant Life say that from just R198 each month, you and your family can enjoy up to R2 million in medical shortfall cover per year
  • A bonus is that their cap cover policies also feature an R25,000 permanent disability benefit. This is for the primary member if they are disabled in an accident
  • Text-a-Doctor offers you instant online access to qualified medical doctors for any health related questions
  • Critical illness cover – important for if you’re unable to work because of a critical illness
  • Accidental death cover – if you die in an accident, your family will still be able to put food on the table
  • With Instant Life, you don’t need to worry that your medical aid won’t cover all your medical bill when you land up in a hospital.
  • Work disability insurance – a back-up financial plan if you are unable to work as a result of major illness or serious injury.
  • There are also a few procedures that Instant Life gap cover will cover on an out-patient basis such as among others, childbirth, vasectomy, radio and chemotherapy.

More benefits

You get up to R2 million in cover for your family, and for just R198 a month for gap cover you can also buy yourself a whole lot of peace of mind.

Why suffer the nightmare of massive medical bills when you can prevent the situation.

Gap Cover is a must if you don’t want to have to pay the bills yourself, and Instant Life takes this pressure from you.

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All info was correct at time of publishing