Stay Covered with a Cheap Gap Policy from Sanlam

Now you can get a cheap gap policy from Sanlam

Irrespective of how good your medical insurance appears to be, sometimes it may fail to pay for your entire medical bill. Hence, the need of having a cheap gap policy to cater for the gap. However, do not mistake it for being inferior.

There is absolutely no need for getting a new insurance cover since all the plans have a shortfall issue.

A shortfall is simply a case where the fees charged by a medical practitioner exceed the limit set by your health insurance.

Now it becomes clear why you are likely to run out of insurance cover very soon, with gap cover designed to take care of any difference that arises between the upper limit set by an insurance cover and the hospital charges.

Cheap Gap Policy Details


Sanlam Offers a Cheap Gap Policy for Medical Aid Members

Sanlam perfectly understands what you require is reliable protection at an affordable price. With almost a century in the insurance industry, Sanlam knows how to meet your needs perfectly.

How reasonable is the price?

You can always choose the cover that suits you from the lowest priced at R125 per month to the full cover priced at R152 monthly.




Who Qualifies for the Cover?

Although the criteria for joining is not a punitive as the medical cover, there are conditions you must fulfil

  • You must be an active member of an insurance cover,
  • You must not be older than 61 years,
  • The plan includes children under the age of 27
  • You can include your dependents while applying for the cover.

When does the Sanlam cheap gap policy start?

The cover becomes effective after three months, with special conditions and pregnancy becoming active after one year.

A cheap cover is a no additions cover. Not included in the gap plan is non-essential surgery and dentistry.

However, if following a road accident, you require surgery the gap plan insures you. Besides, the cover makes provisions for cosmetic surgery as a result of cancer.

The gap plan is strictly for expenses that amass in the hospital and not the regular GP visits or check-ups.

Isn’t Cover a Luxury Item?

Thirty years back, one would have considered having to take a gap policy a luxury but times have changed. Since then medical providers have become stricter with about what they will and what they will not pay.

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