Medical Gap cover is here to help you with your financial situation.

Medical Gap Cover explained in easy terms. It’s the best way to ensure you never end up paying out huge amounts on medical bills you never expected.

Like the gap between what your medical aid pays and the actual cost of your hospital treatment. Many of us with medical aid expect to be fully protected when the hospital bill arrives. But that isn’t always the case.

How big Is the Gap?

It’s tough to deal with – many people find out all too late when they get their medical bills. The gap between your scheme and the bill can be as high as 500%.

Without Gap cover, this shortfall, or gap, between the hospital bill and your medical aid payment is the amount you must pay. The cost of standard procedure and treatment has been going up over the past decade.

Medical Gap Cover explained

Many people think it unlikely that they will ever be involved in a medical emergency of some sort, especially as it has never happened before. And anyway, they consider themselves young and healthy.

In reality, anyone can become seriously ill or involved in an accident. Then the last thing you want is to have to find the money to pay for your hospital stay and treatment.

How to Cover the Shortfall

It makes sense to put your health and safety first. Paying a small monthly sum is less expensive than having to pay thousands for your hospital treatment. With financial planning, you really need to think long-term and This product should be part of your insurance plan. Many experts consider it to be well-worth it at a monthly fee of about R200, depending on your insurance provider.

To buy Gap cover you must belong to a registered medical aid scheme. With so many options to choose from, you should take a moment to look around and see what fits your needs best.

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