Medical Shortfall Insurance from Talksure

Medical shortfall insurance from Talksure caters for in-hospital and various outpatient procedures that medical aids do not pay in full.

While the bulk of the medical plans cover 100% of experts costs as decided in their upper limits, many doctors charge up to 500% above the medical rates.

In other words, when your scheme says they will cover you 100%, it does not mean that they will pay all of your health costs.

In fact, they may only pay a fifth of these costs and leave you to pay the rest. That is why gap cover is so vital; it pays this difference for you.

For instance, if doctors charges pass the standard charges set, Talksure pays the gap up to 500%.

To enrol for the scheme, one must belong to any of these medical plans:

  • Gems Medical Aid
  • Bonitas medical plan
  • Liberty medical aid
  • Discovery medical aid

Medical Shortfall Insurance from TalksureMedical Shortfall Insurance from Talksure also offers;

  • A Family package, as long as each of the dependants belongs to the same health insurance cover.
  • Specific in-hospital dental procedures
  • Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy cover, subject to a one-year waiting period.

Talksure Medical shortfall cover claims

Talksure pays claims within six months after in-hospital procedures, plus other relevant hospital admission scheme paperwork. They make payments within 14 working days of applying for the claim and they pay directly to the policy holder’s account.

Since medical shortfall insurance from Talksure cover does not fall under the Medical Schemes Act of 1998, it is not subject to tax deductibles.

Don’t get stuck paying huge bills you thought you were covered for.

Money is the last thing anyone wants to think about in times of illness.

With Gap Cover from Talksure you can rest easy knowing that you are covered.

So if you want to know more. We can send you a quote. Just fill in and submit the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing