Get Gap Cover in South Africa

It’s great to have a specialist attend to you in a medical emergency, but the cost of his services make it unaffordable. You need to get gap cover to accompany your medical aid in South Africa.

Also, it’s not easy to find extra funding to cater for unexpected hospital or specialist bills.

But your medical aid will pay, you say. And standard practice dictates that they should cover you 100% of the medical aid rates. Unfortunately that’s not how it works.

Get Gap Cover in South Africa and Survive the Hospital Bill

As such medical shortfall plan is something, you should have. Especially if you do not want to see, your savings vanish on excess medical bills.

What is more, you are safer having a medical gap cover, because what are you exactly covered for, in reality, it’s much less than you think.

However, there is nothing much than that!

Get medical gap cover in South AfricaSometimes you deal with medical practitioners who think nothing much than charging you five or four times the standard rates.

As such, do not just get caught up in a financial trap by spending all your finances on unexpected medical costs. Hence, choose from the list below, and get gap cover in South Africa from your best options.


This is a policy that is relatively expensive. Here are their 2021 premiums:

You get cover for treatments in the hospital plus medical consultancy fees and co-payments.

Additionally, you have the option of upgrading to cover for cancer and dentistry.


Stratum policy is also affordable.


Once you qualify for the policy you stand to get about 500% cover above the set rates by your medical plans. However, the basic plan is not inclusive of scans.

Essential Gap cover

With this cover, you can either choose either a basic elite plan or the prestige scheme.


The cover extends to some out-patient treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well. However, it does not exceed 500%.

Complimed Gap cover

The policy is quite affordable.


If you are a member of an employer group, the Fusion offering from Xelus is the best cover for you, as it can cover some shortfalls.


The monthly premiums. The cover extends to your spouse. Additionally, there are no age limits for entry or yearly limits. You also get some benefits, not in other companies such as dental and optometry procedures.


This one competitive cover that should find time and get its details


It is one cove that has found a place year after year in the list of top gap cover providers

Get medical gap cover in South Africa. Complete and submit the form on this page to get a gap cover quote.

All info was correct at time of publishing