Gap Insurance for Members of Resolution Medical Aid

Gap insurance for members of Resolution is a short-term insurance product that can help you through medical emergencies.

Even if you have the best medical aid in the world, you could end up having to pay in when you go to a hospital. And this is not because your medical aid won’t pay.

Your medical aid plan pays out according to a standard medical aid rate. If the doctors and specialists treating you charge above the standard rate, you have to pay the outstanding balance.

And, nine times out of ten, doctors and specialists charge more than the standard medical aid rates.

Gap insurance for Members of Resolution

Gap insurance for members of Resolution

You may never have heard of gap cover before. Maybe you have, but you didn’t think you would need it. Perhaps you looked at the cost and thought it was a waste of money. After all, how often do you end up in a hospital?

Let’s be real for a second – you could live most of your life without needing to be hospitalised. But maybe at some stage, you’ll need that level of care.

Do you want to have to get second-rate medical care because you cannot afford anything more? The best specialists, doctors and hospitals charge a premium for their services. And if your medical aid doesn’t pay the full amount, where will you find the outstanding amount?

Why do Doctors charge So much More?

Ask yourself one question – how would you like to earn the standard rate for your industry? What if you were one of the leading experts? Would you want to be paid the same as everyone else?

Doctors and specialists feel, much as you do, that expert advice should entitle them to a higher income. And the costs to practice medicine vary widely. A doctor in a small-town practice can usually afford to charge less than a big city doctor would.

The standard medical aid rates that the medical aids list take an average of what everyone charges, without looking at expertise, location, etc. They list what they think you should be charged. These rates seldom increase in line with inflation.

Gap insurance for members of Resolution – but I Don’t Need More Insurance!

Okay, paying more for insurance rubs people up the wrong way. This is especially the case with gap cover. No one ever thinks that they will need to go to a hospital.

Do yourself a favour and work out what kind of money you can get hold of easily. And I am not talking about a few hundred Rand, but rather a few thousand. If you were in a car accident, were a victim of a crime or had a heart attack tomorrow, how much could you pay?

Treatment for a serious heart attack runs into hundreds of thousands of Rand. Even a simple procedure could end up costing a few thousand. What happens if you have to pay half out of your own pocket?

What happens if you are diagnosed with cancer? How much cover do you really have right now? Do you want to have to rely on state treatment facilities with their ultra-long waiting lists?

Choosing gap cover can give you a lot more choice when it comes to your treatment options. Can you seriously afford not to get it?

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