Why you need gap cover now!

Nobody can know what tomorrow will bring. And that is why you need gap cover.

There are times when threatening clouds bring rains of despair which rob you of peace of mind. Gap cover is there to give you that peace of mind.

You need Gap cover, sooner Rather than later

Later may be too late. You can’t assume because you are young that you are immune to illness and injury. An unexpected stay in the hospital can put anyone in debt and cost them thousands upon thousands of Rands. Many people have gone bankrupt because they could not afford their medical bills.

Medical aid Schemes do not Cover everything

Need gap cover

Don’t think your medical scheme will pay for all your in-hospital procedures in full. You pay huge premiums each month to your medical aid, so you expect adequate cover, but it doesn’t happen.

Medical care is incredibly expensive. Too many people believe that medical aid will cover all their expenses.

Medical schemes will only pay the amount that is in keeping with the medical scheme tariff rates, and anything the specialist charges above this, they won’t cover. They leave that for you to pay.

This is exactly why you need this innovative insurance product. Without it, you’ll have to pay it all yourself.

There’s a Solid Solution

Medical shortfall insurance is insurance that has been designed to pay the shortfall amount your medical aid won’t cover. This makes gap cover a necessity, there is no way around it. You need gap cover.

How does it work

It simply means you won’t be given an expensive bill that you cannot possibly pay. Gap cover steps in and takes care of these bills for you. It goes without saying that having your bills taken care of can contribute to a speedy recovery for you.

You can turn your bills over to the gap cover company you select. South Africa has some good gap cover providers of which Stratum, Zestlife, Ambledown and Complimed are just some.

It’s true that medical aids give you the idea that you’ve got enough cover. They’ll say they cover 100 – 300% of the medical expenses. They don’t add that the unregulated specialist can charge as much as 500% of medical aid rates.

This means that the additional 200% isn’t covered by your medical aid and that you will have to pay the surplus.

Gap Cover – It Pays

You can also do research and check out all the medical aids – most provide cover up to a certain amount.  Mercifully medical aid will cover most medical procedures. But for those procedures it won’t cover, that is where gap cover comes into play.

Most gap cover policies are very affordable, costing just a fraction of what you pay for medical aid. You won’t require a medical examination either.

Find the right gap cover product for your particular needs. Understand the waiting periods and exclusions and then go for it – top-up insurance can spare you spiralling into a pit of misery.

No Regrets

In South Africa, medical professionals can charge what they like. Nothing is going to change anytime soon so take responsibility now and spare yourself paying exorbitant medical bills. It’s time to top-up your medical aid today before you have regrets.

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All info was correct at time of publishing