Without Genesis Medical Aid Gap Cover You Could Come Short

Genesis medical aid gap cover is an innovative insurance product that helps you pay the shortfalls that your medical aid does not cover. Gap cover compliments your medical aid plan.

Genesis medical aid Gap Cover – but I already Have full Cover!

Genesis medical aid Gap Cover

What you mean by full cover and what your medical aid means by full cover can be two very different things.

Are you sure that your medical aid pays for everything? Or do they pay according to medical aid rates?

There can be a rather significant difference between the two.

And what happens if you reach the limits of your medical aid cover? You can reach annual limits very quickly, especially if you are in the hospital.

So, even though your medical aid plan pays, when you consider how quickly costs can add up there is bound to be a shortfall.

Without gap cover, you might end up paying medical bills totalling thousands or even tens of thousands.

What about My hospital Plan?

A hospital plan is different to your medical aid, but they may also base payments on medical aid rates. There are also strict annual limits for these plans. If your bill exceeds medical aid rates or if you have reached your limit, you are liable for the excess.

Why you Need gap Cover

Gap cover takes over once your medical aid has paid their portion. Gap cover pays that portion that medical aid does not.

What about Xelus Gap Cover which is available from Genesis medical aid

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to gap cover. For the purposes of this exercise, we will go through how Xelus Gap Cover works.

Xelus offers several different options to allow you to choose the right plan for your current needs. The cover ranges from basic no-frills to fully comprehensive.

The Comprehensive Package

This plan provides a range of benefits, including cancer treatments and also payment of deductibles and co-payments. You may also apply for wellness cover if you are not insured but are working.

Who Can Apply for Xelus Gap Cover?

If you belong to one of the medical aids listed below, you can apply for cover:

  • Sizwe
  • Discovery
  • Genesis
  • Hosmed
  • Bonitas
  • GEMS

What is Not included in the Cover?

It is not practical for any insurer to offer unlimited cover. Gap cover is no exception. To be able to offer competitive premiums and the best cover, Xelus excludes cover for the following:

  • Injuries that have been inflicted by yourself
  • Injuries related to suicide attempts
  • Elective cosmetic dentistry and surgery

Genesis medical aid Gap Cover – What are the Waiting periods for Full Cover?

Unless you have a pre-existing condition, or you want to claim maternity benefits, the general waiting period is three months from the date the policy was taken out.

You may not claim any benefits relating to a condition that was diagnosed before taking the policy out for at least the first year from the date of inception. This condition may be amended, depending on the condition.

You may not claim maternity benefits during the first year from the date of inception.

If you belong to a registered medical aid plan get a medical gap cover quote here – Just fill in the form and then click to submit the form

All info was correct at time of publishing