Cape Medical Scheme Gap Cover From Sanlam

If you find yourself or one of your family members in need of medical care, Gap cover will ease the weight of immense bills that are sure to follow. In-hospital care is expensive and the last thing on your mind during medical emergencies should shortfall on treatments receiving. Here we will have a look at Cape Medical Scheme Gap Cover.

So your medical aid might not settle the full bill, Cape Medical Scheme Gap Coverand you will have to dig into your pocket to pay for much-needed care. Cape Medical Scheme Gap Cover is designed to help you bridge the excess that is not covered by your medical aid.

So Sanlam is a trusted Gap Cover provider that started in 1918 at their Head Quarters in Cape Town. Sanlam also offers a variety of financial services, and Centriq Insurance Company Ltd underwrites their Gap Cover.

Reputable as a life cover company, they are a familiar financial services business in South Africa. Gap Cover is one of their reliable products. Gap Cover is not a medical scheme but is underwritten by short-term insurance companies, and all South Africans are eligible for Gap Cover, as well as Cape medical aid members of Sanlam.

Medical insurers in South Africa offer a diversity of medical plans and having a medical aid on which you pay R4000 per month might not be enough to pay your bills in full. Professional medical care providers can charge up to 500% more than the 100% that your medical aid cover.

Sanlam offers two options:

The Standard and Comprehensive plan.

Premiums of R198 per month will cover you on the comprehensive plan. Apart from their in and out of hospital benefits, offers Additional benefits such as:

  • Standard Plan – R168 per month.
  • Up to R36 000 Dental Reconstruction on the Comprehensive plan. This benefit is not included in the Standard plan.
  • Road Accident Fund.
  • Premature birth.
  • To invest in Gap Cover, you have to be an active member of a medical scheme.
  • Applicant must not be older than six years.

Residents in and around the Cape are aware that Gap Cover from Sanlam is a good investment that will save you money when you need it the most.

Reasons to add Cape Medical Scheme Gap Cover From Sanlam:

  • The plan includes the primary member, their family and children up to the age of 26 years.
  • The Gap is available to people under the age of 60 years.
  • Cape Medical Plan Members qualify for gap cover, and the claiming process demands the completion of the relevant documents. On receiving the claim, the member will be notified by email or SMS. You can now prepare yourself for unforeseen medical expenses with Gap Cover from Sanlam.

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