Bonitas Medical Aid Gap Cover

We all fall in need of medical assistance during our lifetime. It cannot be foreseen or predicted, but we can take the necessary steps to help us through those times. Investing in Bonitas Medical Aid Gap Cover is an investment you will never regret.

Unexpected medical expenses following major surgical procedure can be an unpleasant shocker. During medical emergencies, the last thing that you should Bonitas Medical Aid Gap Coverhave to worry about is how you are going to settle your medical bills.

Medical professionals such as specialist, anaesthetists, doctors, surgeons, etc. Their cost differs and can be a large amount more that what the Medical rate is. A charge 500% above the Medical rate is not uncommon.

Why Gap Cover is the first-rate add-on for Bonitas Medical Aid:

If you are admitted to hospital for treatment today, do you have the means to pay the shortfall that will not be covered by your medical aid? Many South Africans are under the impression that a medical aid will be enough. Being a member of a medical scheme does mean your bill will be paid in full. Gap Cover Insurance assists you to cover the shortfall.

The surplus payable can be the equivalent of what your medical aid is paying. Taking the tariffs of medical professionals in consideration, the amount can even be five times more than what your medical aid is paying.

Gap Cover provided by Bonitas Medical Aid put you in charge of paying shortfall as the policy pays you directly.

Requirements to get Bonitas Medical Aid Gap Cover:

  • You and your family whom you wish to add on to the policy are members of a medical scheme, and your children are under the age of 27 years.
  • You are not older than 60 years.

Waiting period:

  • Three months before you claim any benefits.
  • Twelve months waiting period on pre-existing conditions such as diabetes.
  • Twelve months before maternity and labour related treatments have coverage.
  • Obesity treatment, such as stapling of the stomach.
  • Cosmetic surgeries, except in cases of trauma or because of cancer treatments.
  • Claims not submitted within the period of six months.
  • Specialised
  • A co-payment not defined at the outset.

Gap cover may not if the surplus is a result of a fee, a limit or a penalty by your medical aid due to the policy ignorance regarding the authorization. Using a hospital outside of the medical provider’s network will result in rejection.

Bonitas Medical Aid offers Gap Cover to pay that expensive shortfall. Don’t let medical calamity befall you. You can prepare for those unexpected expenses by adding Gap Cover to your existing medical aid.

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