Medical Shortfall Insurance for Community Health Medical Scheme

You have a responsibility towards yourself and your family, especially with medical care. Having a medical aid can proof to be not enough after receiving serious treatment. Here we will have a look at gap cover for a community health medical scheme.

If you are a member of a community health Community Health Medical Schememedical scheme, you seriously need to consider investing in Gap Cover. You cannot buy Gap Cover unless you are a member of a medical scheme. Gap Cover pays for the difference which does not have coverage by your medical aid.

Shortfalls for a Community Health Medical Scheme

Shortfalls can ruin you financially, and therefore it is better to be prepared in case of any medical emergency. Medical schemes are the most important providers of health care in South Africa. Medical Aids pay back members on health-related expenses. Although they run on a non-profit basis, they are encircled by for-profit organisational entities.

It is crucial to understand how Gap Cover can assist you as an add on to your medical scheme. Specialists and aftercare can be very costly, and the last thing on your mind should be how you are going to pay immense medical bills that are sure to be coming your way.

Medical plan offers different options for members to choose from. The more cover you have, the more you will pay on your monthly premium. Specialists have the freedom to charge any fee they prefer because the South African government does not regulate them. The costs of specialist are more than what the medical schemes are prepared to pay. So gap insurance pays for the shortfall on what your medical plan pays and what the specialists charge.

Gap Cover For a Community Health Medical Scheme

Gap Cover is not medical insurance.  It is an add-on to your exciting medical insurance to help to bridge unforeseen expenses while in the hospital.

Gap cover is beneficial for anybody on a community health medical scheme, no matter what age you are. The future is unpredictable and therefore nobody knows when serious surgery, injuries or illness will knock on your door and you need treatment over a long period. It is a product nobody can afford to go without.

You can get more information on community health medical schemes from a financial advisor. South Africa offers brilliant medical schemes. You can choose from Bonitas, Discovery, Selfmed, GEMS, Bestmed, Fedhealth, Liberty Health, Genesis and much more.

The medical scheme that you belong to will be more valuable with Gap Cover. Without Gap Cover, you might find yourself buried under medical shortfalls that can ruin you financially.

The National Health Reference Price List is a pricing system which the Council for Medical Schemes provides a guide to prices for medical procedures, but a lot of medical professionals don’t adhere to it.

Be honest towards yourself. If you only have medical insurance, you don’t have full coverage against unexpected medical expenses. Gap Cover is a necessity if you want peace of mind.


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