Where Can I Get Medical Gap Cover?

Many people ask, “where can I get medical gap cover” and the answer is that there are many places to choose from.

There are dozens of companies offering this form of short-term health insurance.

Consumers are also spoilt for choice when it comes down to budget constraints.

It is possible to purchase Gap Cover from around R100 a month, up to the R500 monthly premium mark.

But remember the cheaper the policy, the less the benefits.

In other words, consumers get what they pay for.

where can i get medical gap coverWhy is Gap Cover necessary?

Gap Cover has become a vital part of medical portfolios.

It pays the difference between ceiling rates set by medical aid schemes for procedures and amounts asked by health experts for services rendered.

Many people think they are fully covered by their medical aid for in-hospital treatments.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Medical schemes work on tariffs set by the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL) which fall way below what medical experts charge.

For example, heart bypass surgeries which cost about R350 000. Medical schemes pay R250 000 for this procedure, leaving the patient with a whopping R100 000 shortfall.

Gap Cover will pay this difference.

Who Qualifies for Gap Cover?

Applicants must be members of a registered South African medical aid scheme to qualify for Gap Cover.

Where can I get Medical Gap Cover?

As stated earlier, there are many companies that offer this form of short-term insurance.

Consumers are now able to investigate their options and apply for Gap Cover online. They can now receive their insurance policy in a matter of minutes.

To answer the question “where can i get medical gap cover” in a more straight-forward manner. The following companies offer Gap Cover;

As an example, Jenius Health offers to cover tariffs up to five times more than the amount paid my medical schemes.

Indeed, Gap Cover has become an essential addition to medical portfolios if consumers are to avoid the nightmare of funding huge excesses charged by the medical profession.

We urge members to research all options in order to obtain Gap Cover that best meets their needs and should also ask the advice of a broker.

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