Gap Cover for Medshield Medical Scheme Members

Everybody on a medical aid such as Medshield needs gap cover in their lives. Without medical gap cover, you will have to pay medical bills that your medical aid won’t cover.

Anybody on a registered medical scheme can apply for this much needed gap cover. Gone are the days when you get full cover from your medical aid while in hospital. Putting in a claim for these bills just once will be the shock that spurs you into action.

Every Pill you Drink is for Your Account

Bills from unregulated medical specialists can run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. The shortfall could be enough to sink you financially. Those theater fees, anesthetist fees, ward fees, equipment and treatment fees will all add up hour by hour, day by day to your account. A stint of two weeks in hospital can send you reeling. You will have to find ways to get loans to pay these bills.

Medshield Gap Cover

Belonging to a Good Medical Scheme isn’t Enough These Days

Medshield is a large medical scheme in South Africa which has been operating since 1968, and they have a global credit rating of AA. This is good as it means the medical scheme is able to pay their members’ claims. They also offer gap cover which isn’t part of their medical aid but rather independent cover.

Gap cover is an insurance product totally separate from the medical aid they offer and it will pay those unregulated specialists up to a maximum amount of 5 x the scheme rate for when you land up in hospital.

It is always a wise move to belong to a good, registered medical scheme if you want to benefit from quality health care in South Africa.

While Medshield offers great products that suit their many different clients, you’re going to discover that whether you’re belong to their most expensive plan or the cheapest one, the medical scheme isn’t going to be paying for all your medical treatments.

Many Excellent Gap Cover Providers – Choose One

It is precisely why so many South Africans have caught on to the very importance of gap cover. You can invest in medical gap cover from Medshield or you can invest in this much needed gap cover from an outside source.

South Africa fortunately has many of these gap cover providers which as authorised financial services, offer affordable gap cover. You just need to remember that wherever you opt to get your gap cover, it isn’t a medical aid, but rather an enhancement to it.

It is true that medical aid members pay huge premiums every month. And while it it only fair and natural to expect full cover for all your medical bills, the sad reality is that they won’t be. The doctors can charge up to 5x more than what the medical scheme tariff recommends and you must pay the excess amount.

Medshield Member Should Be Prepared with Gap Cover

Somebody has to pay this gap that exists, and it is always the poor medical aid member.

Don’t put off getting this gap cover – accidents and illness have no timetables and they strike out the blue.

Rather be prepared by paying a small additional amount each month for this gap cover and ensuring peace of mind.


If you belong to any medical aid scheme, apply now for gap cover.
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