All medical aid members need gap cover backup

With costs rising all the time, medical bills are becoming ever more unaffordable. That’s why medical gap cover is vital.

It’s no longer a case of rushing off to the doctor every time you don’t feel well. If you did, imagine the cost of doctor’s fees and medicine multiplied a few hundred times over. This can easily happen, especially in a hospital.

And don’t think that your healthcare scheme protects you from these costs. Medical aid plans have a lot of terms and conditions when it comes to hospital stays. They will only pay out according to a prescribed standard tariff, and no more.

Why medical Gap cover is Vital to Have as a Backup

Why medical Gap cover is Vital

If you only visit a networked hospital, the standard rate is fine. But what happens if your doctor charges more than the medical aid will pay?

What happens if they admit you to a non-network doctor or hospital?

Your healthcare plan will still only pay according to the standard rate.

And without gap cover, you have to pay the rest.

Gap cover is Essential cover

What makes gap cover an absolute requirement. It pays for the portion that your medical aid won’t pay so that you do not have to pay it. Even if you have an excellent medical aid, gap cover is still something that you need to consider.

Better access to Top-Class treatment

Network-linked doctors and hospitals do provide good care. That said, they also need to make a profit and so offer care at a reduced rate. That means they need to focus more on volumes.

Also, top health professionals will want to branch out into private practice as soon as they can, so that they can earn better money.

Think about it – if you were a leader in your field and highly qualified, would you settle for a post where you receive half of what you are worth? Of course not.

It works out well for the doctor, but not so well for the patient because it means your portion of the account increases.

Why medical Gap cover is Vital continued

When I was first told about the “gap” in cover, I was a bit unsure. After all, surely the medical aid rate was pretty standard? Surely the doctors, etc. would be guided by it? How much more could they charge me?

When I learned the truth, I was shocked. My bills were three or four times more than the standard rates. Imagine getting a medical bill for R36 000 only to find that the medical aid will only pay R12 000.

You will have to find that extra amount. The medical suppliers don’t care that you “didn’t know”, they want their money. And while they might let you pay it off, you will be looking at a good deal of interest as well.

Overall, it makes sense not to put yourself in that position in the first place. Medical cap cover is inexpensive and helps to provide total peace of mind.

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