Gap Cover for Women

Women can sign up the whole family (hubby included) for medical gap cover. That’s because one policy covers everyone on the medical aid plan.

What is gap cover exactly?

Firstly, gap cover is for members of a registered medical aid in South Africa only. Having some type of health insurance, such as from Clientele, WILL NOT cut it. Here is the full list of medical schemes in South Africa. You MUST belong to one of them in order to qualify for gap cover.

Secondly, women must understand exactly what gap cover insures. Well, if you have medical scheme membership you have probably encountered that unwelcome phenomenon – a so-called co-payment. That is the shortfall payment that you have to find the money for – either by borrowing or drawing on current funds or savings. A co-payment is that portion which you medical aid will not pay. Instead, you must pay it. And that is what gap insurance pays – the shortfall amount.

Women Can Sign Up Too

Women don’t have to find the time for hubby to sign up for gap cover. Do it yourself! Get your medical aid details together and contact an agent via the contact form on this page. An expert will be in touch to provide a quote and help you through the sign-up process.

women gap cover

And remember: a single policy covers co-payments for everyone on your medical aid plan, children included.

Is Gap Cover Expensive?

The short answer is “no” – and it’s a darn sight cheaper than paying as much as R250 000 in cash for unexpected specialist or hospital expenses in the form of co-payments. Expect to pay the equivalent of 5% to 10% of your medical aid premium amount.

How to Get Gap Cover, Ladies

Complete and submit the form on this page. Have your ID details and medical scheme membership details at hand. An agent will contact you to discuss your requirements. He/she will send you a quote. Then you are ready to sign up for cover.

Complete and submit the form on this page
to get in touch about gap cover

All info was correct at time of publishing