About Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Insurance

Life is unpredictable, don’t allow unpleasant incidents and unforeseen medical expenses reduce your financial situation to rubble. Here we will talk about Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Insurance.

Also, to be financially prepared by taking out a medical aid, it is advisable to invest in Stratum Co-Evolution gap coverage.

Stratum is a group that provides a diversity of Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Insuranceaffordable gap insurance coverage options as well as Stratum Co-Evolution gap insurance benefits.

So with Stratum gap coverage, you don’t have to worry about limited fees on medical aids as set by the national directory.

Also, taking charge of your medical shortfalls, upfront payments on treatments and cut back money on your monthly medical aid expenses is doable by taking out gap cover.

Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Insurance will ensure you are not left with immense excess amounts to settle on costs that don’t have coverage by your medical plan.

A monthly contribution of R145 per family unit or person and a mere R60 per adult additional, you can have peace of mind that excess amounts will have coverage on medical expenses.

They will add up to 500% cover on unpaid medical invoices and remember that this benefit is not limited.

Specific procedures that will have coverage in cases of hospitalisation are:

Each person on the policy will have R12 000 per annum coverage on performing a test for analysis, also x-rays for medical examinations.

R6000 annually per person on the plan on not reusable items.

R6000 annually per person on the plan to cover necessary physical therapy.

The extra fee that this plan will cover consists of:

Procedures for which the medical plans usually charge payment in advance,

Performing in-or-out of hospital scans covering the whole body and the brain in co-operation with a specific medical institution approved by your medical insurer.

R40 000 is the annual maximum amount available, per plan, for above listed medical necessities

The cover on treatment received due to casualty cases consist of:

Admission to a hospital because of violent, accidental or aggressive acts and not self-inflicted purposeful injuries to the body.

R3500 will be the annual maximum amount available in such incidents, per plan.

The psychiatric therapy cover benefits provide for:

The troubling occurrence of a fierce incident, classification of life-threatening illness or an unforeseen tragedy

R3000 is the annual maximum available, per plan, on the incidence of any of the circumstances.

This benefit is only for those persons that are on the plan.

Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Cover Benefits Requirements:

No person over the age of 69 years

Children have coverage on this plan up to the age of 27 years.

At 28, children get the adult’s contribution amount.

Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Insurance Conditions:

A three-month waiting phase before you can submit any claims.

Also, pregnant, labour-related and diagnosed medical conditions will have coverage after a ten month waiting period.

A six-month waiting phase required on dental and other hospitalisation benefits before claims will have coverage.


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