Where Do South Africans Get Medical Gap Cover?

Get medical Gap CoverMedical gap cover does not replace medical aid but is an add-on product that you take over an above your medical aid. It aims to protect you from the costs charged by hospitals and experts that schemes do not cover.


Monthly costs and the benefits of gap cover policies can vary and depends on which company and which plan you choose. There are a number of South Africans who have Gap cover as well as a hospital plan in order to have extra cover.


A quick internet search such as ‘where does one get medical gap cover?’ will provide you with a vast number of options from various companies.


Gap cover provides the difference between what the medical aid pays for hospitals, experts and other health expenses and what these fees really are. Some gap cover policies also provide for deductibles, co-payments and oncology co-payments.


Ambledown offers medical gap cover

Ambledown is a South African agency that offers gap cover as one of their many products. They are one of the top health insurance providers, with more than 150 000 Gap Cover policyholders.


Ambledown’s gap cover products are designed to offer medical aid member’s protection from unexpected extra medical costs after a doctor’s visit or a stay in the hospital.


They provide a range of gap cover options, including the Gap100, the GapShield and the GapSeniors products, amongst others. Plans start from as little as R200 going up to about R350 a month.


There are also other options


There are many South African Gap cover providers; Complimed, Stratum, Medway, Discovery, Zestlife, Liberty and many others.


Medway was formed in 1990 and has become a leading network of health care advisors in South Africa. They provide a range of products designed for medical scheme members needing extra cover for shortfalls.


Another option to look at is Sirago. Sirago provides gap-cover and co-payment cover for members of a listed medical aid scheme. The company has been going since 1993, and they are an Authorised Financial Services Provider.


The plans will provide for the shortfall in instances of accident-related events and health procedures.


With Sirago premium gap cover products, Plus and Ultimate plans, you will get extra benefits, including cover for reconstructive surgery and co-payments.


The amount of cover depends on the monthly premium. Also, one needs to be under the age of 65 to apply.



A Few Facts About Medicare Gap Cover:


– They provide plans including GapCore, GapEssential, GapXtra and GapPremium

– You can get cover from as little as R 150 per month

– The plans will provide cover for the entire family for in-hospital services done by experts who charge more than your Scheme rate

– You need to be less than 65 years old to apply for Medway Gap Cover

– You have to be a member of a listed South African Medical Aid

– The cover pays up to 500% of the Medical Schemes rate and up to R 2 000 000 per family per annum


Who can I speak to for Medical Gap Cover?

There are many places that provide gap cover in South Africa, all with a range of features, benefits and premiums. Gap cover is crucial these days, so it is vital to do some research into what will be the best product to suite your needs.


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