Sasfin Medical Shortfall Cover

Your health status can change at any given moment. We all fall in need of medical care during our life. So having a medical policy might not be enough to save you from unwanted debt after expensive treatments in hospitals by specialists. Here we will have a look at Sasfin medical shortfall cover.

Sasfin medical shortfall cover is specially designed for South Africans to ease the burden of medical expenses.

Sasfin Medical Shortfall CoverAlso, bearing in mind that your medical scheme will not pay the full amount charged by your specialist and hospital stays, it is advisable to take out Sasfin gap cover to prevent unwanted negative balances on your medical care.

So Sasfin gap cover offers benefits on a diversity of medical treatments and procedures.

Sasfin gap Cover conditions:

  • You must go to a hospital to be able to claim.
  • Must have coverage by a medical scheme
  • No claims paid on treatments received outside of hospital
  • Must be 18 years or older when taking out gap coverage.
  • Full-time students will have coverage up to the age of 25 years if they can present proof from the institution where they study.
  • Anybody up to the age of 70 years can apply for gap coverage.


Regular exclusions:

Sasfin gap coverage will not pay out any claims submitted due to:

Nuclear-associated incidents affecting you under circumstances where you

  • Suffered a nuclear attack
  • Are employed in a position in which you work with it
  • Any effects suffered as a result of such an incident

Hospitalisation regarding obesity-related medical care which requires

  • Managing weight and weight-related treatments.
  • Cosmetic and other surgeries.
  • And treatment of obesity cause or any ailments brought on by it.


More details about Sasfin Medical Shortfall Cover:

Sasfin will not compensate for claims if, or in cases of,

  • Any attempt to suicide, self-inflicted wounds or self-harm that might result in your death
  • Self-medication and sedatives being misused and not permitted by a medical professional that leads to hospitalisation.
  • Treatment as a result of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Existing conditions twelve months before gap coverage
  • Also, pregnancy, labour and any other birth linked consultations or hospitalisation within twelve months of taking out the gap coverage
  • Fertile treatment will not have coverage
  • And no coverage on any diminutive or extensive term psychological linked illnesses
  • Forged claims
  • Treatment as a result of strikes, acts of violent behaviour, police, military and violent form of protest or employment obligation.
  • Aviation team activities
  • Tests that involves racing or high speed movement


The Cost of Taking Out Sasfin Medical Shortfall Cover.

R120 per person, monthly.


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