You Must be a Medical Aid Member to Get Medical Gap Cover

There are many stories about the dire state of government hospitals. This is why people become a medical aid member. Because they are scared of winding up in a state hospital.

Luckily, there are many good medical aid plans that people can choose from.

Bonita and Discovery are sound organisations that have been helping every medical aid member for years.

Medical Aid is Crucial

While it may be expensive to have medical aid, it is a necessity as you can be assured of good cover in the event of a medical emergency.

Before deciding on a medical scheme, it is crucial to do your research and find the plan that suits your needs.

A good medical aid plan will give you the confidence of knowing that you can get medical attention from a good hospital or practitioner of your choice.

Sadly, medical aids do not pay for all your health expenses. This is why gap cover is so vital.

Medical Aid MemberWhy Any Medical Aid Member Should Get Gap Cover

Medical gap cover is a short-term insurance product that pays for your medical bill shortfalls.

There is often a huge gap between what experts charge and what schemes pay out.

Thus medical aid members find themselves digging into their savings to pay the shortfall.

Further, gap cover functions as an add-on to medical aid and pays what your scheme will not.

Hence, you must be a member of a medical scheme to get gap cover.

Medical gap cover is a short-term insurance and is governed by the Short-term Insurance Act.

Gap cover pays for the shortfall no matter which medical scheme you are on.

Further, you can change medical aid plans and keep your gap cover.

Are there any Exclusions?

There are some medical procedures that gap cover will not pay for, and you have to research these before you select your plan.

Most gap cover plans will not pay for medical procedures that arise from things like suicide attempts, taking drugs and cosmetic surgery.

The entry requirements for gap cover will vary between service providers. But, in general, there is no need for a medical exam before taking out the insurance.

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