GEMS Gap Cover – The Jewel in the Crown

No-one likes to think that they might need emergency medical assistance. GEMS Gap Cover makes certain that, should it happen, you have no need to worry.

Many of us have a policy of hoping everything will be alright. We don’t like to think that we might be vulnerable.

But it’s time to face up to facts. In South Africa, good medical care comes at a premium. And with the high level of crime and road accidents, it’s clear that we need help paying for medical bills.

This is where GEMS gap Cover comes to the Rescue

GEMS gap cover

A single stay in a hospital can set you back more than your annual salary. Count in the medication, follow-up visits, etc. and say goodbye to your medical aid limits.

This probably won’t come as much of a shock to you. What may shock you, however, is that you might end up paying a large portion of the bill yourself, even if you have full medical aid cover.

While you may think that your medical aid will cover the whole bill, this is not always the case. If your doctors charge fees higher than the standard medical aid rates, you have to pay the difference.

Most medical aid firms will only pay what they define as standard medical rates for in-hospital treatment. Anything charged over that, you have to pay.

GEMS gap cover protection

GEMS can offer its member’s gap cover insurance. Gap cover pays the amount that is not paid by your medical aid plan. Think of it as insurance against the unknown.

There is a greater chance that you will need the gap cover than that you won’t. The standard medical aid rate is not a fixed rule of how much doctors should charge. Doctors can, and do, charge rates that are set by them. And the difference can end up being expensive.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members

Isn’t gap cover Just an extra Expense?

It is going to cost a bit extra every month but considering that the premiums start at R55, it’s affordable. You can choose the level of cover that you need.

Gap cover is separate from your medical aid plan. You could change your medical aid company and still keep your gap cover. However, you must have a medical aid plan in place already.

When claiming from your gap cover, you have to wait until your medical aid has paid their portion of the claim first.

Gap cover supports your normal medical cover by providing extra financial backing to pay any shortfall that occurs. It is there for you when you need it the most.

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