Testimonial About Gap Cover

This testimonial comes from a family of three, who are members of the Bonitas Medical Scheme. Their story, once again, proves the importance of Gap Cover.

Gap Cover is a form of short-term insurance that pays the difference between medical aid payouts and extra charges imposed by the hospital for procedures.

The wife of the family said Bonitas’ CompliMed Gap Cover saved them from a financial crisis.

Client satisfaction is one of the strongest tools a company can use to promote its products.

Their Testimonial

TTestimonial About Gap Coverhe wife had to go for an operation to have a polyp removed from her uterus.

After she had left the hospital, the family received bills for unforeseen hospital fees.

Had they not had Gap Cover, the family would never have been able to afford to cover the additional costs.

The anaesthetist charged 150% more than the recommended medical aid tariff. Furthermore, the hospital also charged additional fees not covered by their basic medical aid.

Within seven days, the family received payment from Gap Cover for all the extra fees.

The family in question pays less than R200 a month for their short-term Gap Cover Insurance.

She said they only had a basic medical plan since they were all healthy. They did not expect that any of them would need to go to the hospital.

Then a broker urged them to take out a simple hospital plan to give them peace of mind.

He pointed out that Gap Cover is much cheaper when compared to upgrading to a more costly medical aid scheme.

This was the best advice the family could have received since, within one week, all extra hospital fees were paid by Gap Cover.

Gap Cover is a short-term insurance policy so holders can transfer this benefit if changing to a different medical aid scheme.

Policyholders must be members of a medical aid scheme to qualify for Gap Cover.

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