Frequently asked Questions about Gap cover – Answered

FAQ about gap cover answered right here.

Before deciding on gap cover read through the list below of the more commonly asked regarding gap cover and study their solutions.

This is a short-term insurance product that can save you a lot of money in the event of a medical crisis.

FAQ about gap cover

Why do I need Gap Cover? More than often a shortfall occurs between the amount that your medical aid insurance covers and the actual costs charged by your doctor or specialist handling your procedures.

FAQ about gap coverWhen this happens, it is good to have a backup plan that can help you out. Medical gap cover is exactly this – and more!

Who can Apply for Gap cover? Any and all South African residents who belong to a legitimate medical scheme can apply for gap cover.

Are premium Increases applicable? Like most insurances, most gap cover providers increase their premiums annually. This is to ensure that all expenses initially applied for can still be covered in the future.

Will my Gap cover Policy cover Everything that My medical Aid won’t? Unfortunately, this will not be the case. Coverage will depend on what level plan you take out.

It will not cover a few other treatments such as treatments for obesity, cosmetic surgery or injuries due to suicide, etc.

How much Money should I put Aside for Gap cover? Your monthly gap cover budget can be anything from R70 to R400 per month. This amount will ultimately depend on the cover plan you choose. The more comprehensive, the higher the costs.

Some more Answers to Commonly asked Questions

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. You never know when you or a loved one might end up needing specialised treatment or have to endure long hospital stays due to illness.

Having a good medical aid scheme as well as a good gap cover plan to top it will ensure that the minimum amount of money comes out of your pocket directly to cover all expenses related to your sickness.

Further, gap insurance even covers things that your primary medical aid will not. For instance, they cover certain cancers which medical aid refuse to.

There are probably lots of other questions you can ask regarding gap cover besides the one’s listed above.

Consulting with a gap cover insurer and comparing the different providers will help you make a well-informed choice about which provider and plan to choose.

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