Do You Want to Buy Gap Cover?

There are a vast amount of gap cover providers in South Africa. Each gap cover provider offers their own products with a variety of benefits. So do you want to buy gap cover?

Your medical aid will pay a specialist or for hospital treatments at a predetermined rate or percentage. Often this percentage is not enough as medical professionals may charge several times the rate proposed by the medical aid.

The main member of your medical aid plan is then responsible to settle the rest of the account which was not paid by the medical aid. This shortfall, or gap, can be quite high and oftentimes come as a surprise.

The only solution is to buy gap cover to cover the shortfall on in-hospital accounts. Since gap cover offers added benefits it is well worth considering the purchase of a gap cover plan.

Gap cover is affordable

Do You Want to Buy Gap CoverThere are many options when considering gap cover. You will need to consider the medical expenses you may require gap cover for, and the amount you are able to spend on gap cover.

A basic, or traditional, gap cover product will cover accounts related to hospitalization. These plans cost between R300 and R600 per month. This monthly price is all-inclusive for the main member and any dependents. Most of these options will cover the costs at 500% the medical aid rate.

The more comprehensive coverage is available from most service providers. These plans often include many additional features. The gap cover will often pay for co-payments related to hospital claims. Many offer benefits relating to cancer treatments and drugs, which are often expensive.

Choosing a gap cover product is up to you. Consider as many options as possible and how they can benefit your family.

Buying gap cover –┬áDo You Want to Buy Gap Cover

Here is a gap cover option for you to consider:

  • The gap cover sold by Zestlife costs R317 to R619 per family per month. There is an Essential and Universal plan offering cover at different levels.

Most medical aids also offer their own gap products. Otherwise, you could opt for an entirely different insurance company which offers gap cover. Go through as many options as possible before buying a gap cover product. So do you want to buy gap cover?

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