Internet Quote for Gap Cover

The cyber age has streamlined so many time-consuming aspects of life. An example is online shopping that is growing more popular. South Africans can now add their medical insurance gap cover policies to the online shopping basket. You can also get a quote for gap cover online. It’s completely FREE.

Internet search engines and short-term insurance company platforms have simplified these purchases.

They also provide members with all the vital info to help them make an informed choice about the best options to suit their needs.

Gap Cover sites

Apart from searching individual companies, users can also get a gap cover quote at: – this lists some short-term insurance companies and fully explains the gap cover benefits – this is a search engine platform that allows consumers to compare benefits and the cost of gap cover across the board

These search engines allow users to compare gap cover options offered by companies such as Complimed, Sanlam, Liberty and Stratum to reach an informed decision about which one is best suited to their family needs.

Quote for Gap CoverWhy do I need Gap Cover?

Members of aid schemes can face huge financial shortfalls in times of illness.

A typical example is a heart bypass that can cost a patient R350 000. However, if his/her medical scheme only pays R250 000, the whopping R100 000 balance has to be paid by the patient.

Medical aid schemes work to a set ceiling of tariffs that are usually way below what the medical experts charge for their services.


Gap Cover bridges this shortfall, giving the members peace of mind when most needed.

Most gap cover policies will pay up to five times more than amounts specified by health schemes for many hospital procedures.

Benefits of an online quote for gap cover

  • Consumers can save extra costs by cutting out fees paid to brokers
  • They can reach informed decisions by weighing costs, benefits and exclusion clauses
  • By using the Hippo platform they can streamline their individual needs
  • They can get cover within minutes
  • They can also get more data from different company insurance advisors

Gap cover is a form of short-term health insurance. It has become vital to shield families from sudden crippling financial costs.

Further, applicants must be members of a medical aid scheme to qualify.

We urge members to study all options on offer before choosing which policy best suits their financial and family needs.

To get a quote for Gap Cover, complete and send the form on this page.



All info was correct at time of publishing