Sanlam offers medical gap cover for all medical aid firms

Medical aid for most South Africans has become both expensive and complicated. It comes with a wide variety of co-payments, limits and caps and shortfalls. Luckily, Sanlam offers medical gap cover.

Members in South Africa pay huge premiums for medical aid. Which ensures them of cover in the event of a health emergency.

Sadly, medical aid schemes do not sufficiently cover their members. And when push comes to shove, members must pay huge outstanding bills. This is where gap cover from Sanlam comes to the rescue.

Indeed, it covers this gap between what experts charge and what your medical aid is prepared to pay. So, you won’t have to pay the extra bills and face financial crisis’.

Sanlam shortfall insurance at bargain rates

Sanlam offers medical gap coverSanlam offers medical gap cover at great prices. Gap cover runs independently to medical aid. Further, cover and benefits received depend on what premiums one pays; this can range from R95 monthly to well over R275.

Sanlam is one of the best insurance companies that offer the gap cover product. They came into operation in South Africa in 1918.

They offer a service of premium quality and high in professionalism.

Sanlam offers medical gap cover in two forms 

The Comprehensive Plan has a premium of R174 a month. For this premium, one gets cover of R36, 000 per condition or hospitalisation per year.

Additionally, there is no limit for cover of shortfalls for certain conditions and procedures. All the preceding is for any procedures in-hospital.

It also pays out of hospital treatment up to 500% of the medical aid rate. This includes co-payments for MRI and CT scans are covered with no cap.

Further, they cover cancer treatment at R300, 000 annually and premature birth for up to R12000.

The Standard Plan which comes at a premium of R144 per month has an in-hospital cover of R13, 000 for sub-limit applied by the medical aid. This is considered per sub-limit event. This plan covers up to 500% of the medical aid rate.

Casualty room visits are covered only if it is as a result of an accident. Also, it covers R5000 for each casualty claim. Further, the plan covers premature birth up to R9000 per claim. This is considered per sub-limit event.

On both plans there is an age cap of 60 years old that applies to new applicants. One can also add their spouse and children below the age of 27 to their membership.

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All info was correct at time of publishing