Where do I sign up for Medical Gap Cover?

Medical Gap Cover sign up is important. Because you want to know that you won’t be paying for those huge bills your medical aid won’t pay.

People who’ve been in hospital always get a surprise when they receive the bill. They find they have to pay additional costs (which can run into thousands) for bills they thought their medical aid would pay.

The truth is that where your scheme only pays out 100% or 200% of the tariff, an unregulated specialist charges up to 500% of the amount. And this is the sum your medical aid won’t pay. Without Gap cover, you have to pay that amount.

Medical Gap Cover sign up – Sanlam can Help

Medical Gap Cover sign up

Gap cover is short-term insurance, covering in-hospital shortfalls. Always choose to sign up with a reliable provider. Signing up with the best might get you certain out-of-hospital benefits such as chemotherapy. They may also cover co-payments on certain procedures such as CT scans.

It’s worth looking at Medical Gap cover from Sanlam  –

  • Gap cover for really low premiums
  • You must be a member of a registered medical aid scheme
  • Cover is available for the main member, partner and children up to the age of 27

Medical Gap Cover sign up – Get going with Sanlam

If you need additional information fill in the blue form on their website, and Sanlam will contact you. However, if you’re sure you want to go ahead, download their application form.

Know what your Doctors charge

A ‘gap’ is the amount you have to pay if you don’t have medical gap cover. Before you go to hospital ask your doctor for an estimate of their costs. If other doctors are involved you need to know what their charges will be.

The chances are they’re going to be way over what your medical aid will pay. You should also check with your medical aid to find out exactly how much they cover. Don’t be surprised when you find out!.

Medical Gap Cover sign up – Sign up with Sanlam

Don’t let a stay in hospital be filled with dread because of the costs. Just being in a hospital for an illness or injury is stressful as it is. Contact Sanlam on 0860 473 223 – they’ve got decades of experience in Gap cover, and for an affordable amount of R250 a month, they can save you a lot of unnecessary anguish.

All info was correct at time of publishing