Medical Aid Shortfall Insurance – Cover You Can Trust

The cost of medical attention is soaring. Bring it down with medical aid shortfall insurance.

Despite the fact that you could be having the best medical relieve plans. You might find yourself in the rocks when it comes to settling medical bills. As such, you need medical aid shortfall insurance.



Your insurance plan could pay 100% of your medical bill, but the greatest challenge is that hospitals might exceed the medical aid rate.

If you thought that was impossible, add all annual your medical aid limits, and you will know how easy it is to run short of the medical cover.

As a result, short health insurance comes in handy to assist you to cover the deficit.

medical aid shortfall insurance

Facts About Medical Aid Shortfall Insurance

Medical aid shortfall insurance – can you afford to be without it?

Lots of gap cover plans are available in the market, with some reasonably priced, others expensive, and some just low-priced. However, the pricing of the policy should not guide your selection, but a well-established company with an excellent reputation.


Affordable, good value cover

Sanlam Gap Cover offers you just that convenience that you desire as it offers a blend affordability and value for money.

Concerning establishment, Sanlam is a reputable company that is almost 100 years old. What is more, the company is one of leading giants of the financial services industry in South Africa.

Can I join and what are some highlights?

  • Firstly, you should be a registered member of any registered South African Medical Aid Scheme.
  • Secondly, you should below the age of 61.
  • Thirdly, you can include names of individual dependants on the application.
  • The fourth aspect is that the cover is available for your husband, wife, and children if you all share a common medical plan.
  • Lastly, your kids should not exceed the age of 27.

What is the waiting period?

Just like all short term covers, there is a different waiting period that applies.

  • Within the first three months of the protection, you will not have any cover from Sanlam.
  • Pre-existing conditions or maternity benefits are applicable after one year.

What are the Exclusions?

It is imperative, to understand the exclusions that apply concerning your policy. For instance, the Dentistry assistance only applies to the comprehensive plan. Additionally, the medical scheme does not cover dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, and weight loss surgery. Nonetheless, they do cover Cosmetic surgery when the reason for the operation is trauma or cancer.

Additionally, in-hospital expenditures are covered, and visits to your GP, that could occur as a result of medical are not insured.

Is Gap Insurance cover for me?

With the road accidents and crime rates being on the rise, you at least stand to get hospitalised once in your lifetime. As such, Gap comes in handy to cover expenses that exceed your first insurance cover.

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