Affordable Medical Gap Cover in South Africa

Gap cover is a type of insurance cover that pays the difference between a medical bill and what medical scheme pays for a patient. As such, affordable medical gap cover is worth getting since soaring medical covers can run you bankrupt.

Although medical insurance plans can be compelled to you out 100% NHRPL, hospitals have no obligation to stick to other rates.

As such, you could be left paying for the difference which could end up being a substantial amount of money. For instance a C-section, the NHRPL recommends the rate is around R 12, 6000.

However, depending on the hospital, you could be looking at a figure of R21,000. Thus one could be obligated to take a debt of R8,500 to cover the difference.

affordable medical gap cover

Fortunately Affordable Medical Gap Cover is Available in SA

Yikes!! I can’t pay that. I need affordable gap cover.

To be honest, you might need some emergency medical treatment, as the doctor you are visiting might be seeing you at your disadvantage.

Hence you have two choices; you either pay up the difference or find someone to come to your aid.

Depending on the urgency of your treatment, this might end up being a real problem. Since you have a medical insurance plan, you cannot rely on the state to pay for such a bill.

For instance, let’s take the case in which the hospital admits you because you need a life-saving procedure or treatment. If you have heart attacks, you might not be in a position to bargain for medical aid rates.

So, I will pay it off

Though you might allow you to do so, do not count it, since some hospitals might require the depositing of some sizeable amount of cash before they admit you.

Despite the fact that you might manage to take care of everything, still, you would not want to have such amount if debts are hanging over your heads.

Even if you might be able to negotiate some of the sorts of payment deal, you might end up facing interest rates and attorney’s fees as well.

And that is without taking into consideration the effect of such debts on your credit ranking.

What you need is affordable Medical Gap Cover

To experience peace of mind, the thought of having a gap cover can not be beaten. Gap insurance caters for the issue of shortfall whenever it arises.

Unlike conventional medical covers, gap insurance is not a major purchase. Premiums start at a much lower cost lower than the expense of a nice dinner; hence there is no reason why you cannot afford it.

One does not require to stick to the same company that provided your medical insurance. Gap insurance is entirely independent of your health cover. The primary requirement for this secondary insurance is you should be an active member of any recognised insurance provider in South Africa.

Easy Joining Requirements

With some of the cover insurance providers lacking an age limit for the program, most of the companies will cover you once your waiting period elapses.

Concerning your financial and physical well-being, gap cover is sure your best investment to make.

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