Getting One Click Medical Gap Insurance

Sanlam is just one of many South African companies that offer medical gap insurance with the click of a button.

In this cyber age where, like never before, time is money, online insurance saves applicants both time and money.

They can shop online for the best deals and apply for insurance, such as medical Gap Cover, directly from company websites.

Sanlam’s Gap Cover Cyber Offering

  • Apply online
  • Manage portfolio online
  • Secure password and log-in protection
  • Direct access to customer service team
  • Computer and/or mobile phone access

This cyber insurance offering is taking South Africa by storm.

No “please hold” frustrating and costly phone calls are bringing an ever growing number of consumers to online purchasing.

It reduces costs, as well as an endless stream of paperwork to fill out and submit.

With the simple click of a button, users can now purchase Gap Cover in less than five minutes.

Apart from the simplicity of the online system, applicants can take their time before selecting the product best suited to their needs.

Sanlam has been serving South Africans since 1918, and its Gap Cover policies are attractively cheap.

medical gap insuranceSanlam’s Affordable Medical Gap Insurance Premiums

It offers two policies – Standard Gap Cover from R144 a month.

Shortfall cover – this pays the difference between medical aid scheme rates and charges imposed by the medical profession for hospital procedures.

The fact that many South Africans who have medical aid do not understand is that medical schemes work to a standard set of tariffs for hospital treatments.

More often than not these fall way below charges imposed by the medical profession.

Medical experts can charge up to five times more than medical aid rates, leaving the consumer with the headache of funding those shortfalls.

Sanlam’s Gap Cover can save members thousands of rand in hospital procedures.

Comprehensive Gap Cover from R174 a month.

This plan offers a far wider range of benefits and is tailored to individual needs.

How do I apply online?

  • Select a plan
  • Fill in a simple form with questions such as:
  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Name of personal bank
  • Date that debit order should begin

Once completed, follow the prompt to buy online.


Further information and advice can also be obtained online.

Simply ask Sanlam, and an advisor will contact the applicants before completing the purchase.

Sanlam’s one click Medical Gap Cover cannot be simpler.

Get a Quote if you belong to a South African medical aid. Just fill in and send the form. It’s FREE

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