Suremed Medical Aid Members Can Get Gap Cover from Zestlife

Medical aid members pay soaring premiums each month. In fact, the private healthcare sector in SA is known for its rising prices. The truth is that even with these huge monthly costs, schemes still don’t provide full cover for expert care. Which is why gap cover for Suremed members is a very good idea.

Without gap cover, members will have to deal with huge shortfalls between their medical scheme benefits and the costs incurred for treatments.

Gap Cover – a Cheap and Crucial Add-on

These shortfalls come about because experts charge more than the medical scheme benefit, some in-hospital procedures have annual sub-limits and medical schemes also apply co-payments or deductibles on some procedures.
Fortunately gap cover for Suremed members is an affordable add-on to medical aid. The benefit of taking out gap cover is that monthly gap premiums are cheap and range between R80 and R450.

Gap Cover for SuremedSuremed is a medical aid which was established in 1976. They provide members with a full range of medical aid solutions to ensure that South Africans from all walks of life have access to good medical care. Further, Gap Cover for Suremed offers four affordable options –  Challenger, Explorer, Shuttle and Navigator. The Challenger Plan for 2017 will cost the main member R 4 000 a month while the Shuttle Plan will require the main member paying R1 320 a month.
Also, on the Suremed website, those interested can get all the information they need. You can also call them on 086 008 0888 or email them at [email protected]

Suremed won’t Pay beyond MST Rates

Just like with any other medical scheme, no matter how good the plans are, your medical aid isn’t going to be paying for many of your medical procedures in the hospital. That is why many Suremed Medical Aid members make the wise choice of getting gap cover – an add-on to medical aid, and which takes care of the bills your medical aid won’t pay.
Indeed, they opt to take gap cover from Zestlife, a listed financial services provider that was established in 2008. Further, Guardrisk Insurance company underwrites Zestlife’s Gap Cover. Zestlife offers Gap Cover to members of any medical scheme.

●Zestlife offers gap cover plans such as their Universal Medical Gap Cover and Medical Match Cover
●Universal is R369 a month, and Medical Match is R259 a month
●gap cover from Zestlife includes all family members
●cover of up to 500% of the Medical Scheme Tariff (MST). For medical treatments in hospital as well as co-payment cover
●there is no general waiting period to apply for Zestlife

Fees for medical specialists are rising, and medical scheme tariffs aren’t keeping up. This is creating huge problems for medical aid members who are already paying huge premiums.

Gap Cover for Suremed Medical Aid is vital

By adding gap cover to medical aid, members can rest easy knowing they are fully covered.

If you are on medical aid, get a gap cover quote by completing and sending us the form. It’s FREE!

All info was correct at time of publishing