Cura Gap Cover – Works Together With All South African Medical Plans

Cura gap cover is a product of the well-known and trusted Hollard insurance group. It is the perfect short term cover to insure you against shortfalls in hospital cover, and other health care needs not paid in full by your medical aid. Many people assume that their medical aid will cover all their medical costs, but this is seldom if ever the case.

All plans, including the top of the range medical aid, have limits and exclusions that they do not cover. Therefore, if you have an extended stay in hospital or some procedures, there is a significant chance you will have to pay extra for these costs if you do not have gap cover in place.

When if you need surgical and medical procedures when in hospital or outpatient treatments afterwards, gap cover will cover the shortfall not paid by your medical aid.

This Gap Cover is The Best Cure for any Medical Aid Shortfall!

cura gap cover

Cura Gap Cover to Supplement all South African Medical Plans

Cura Gap Cover Exclusions:

As with all insurance, there are some exclusions. Please note the following with regards to the Cura gap cover.

  • The plan does not cover diagnostic procedures and routine physical check-ups.
  • Cura gap cover excludes intentional, self-inflicted injuries and attempted suicide costs.
  • Also, this cover is excluded for any injury or illness resulting from the use of alcohol or narcotics with the exclusion of correctly used prescription medication.
  • Cura gap cover excludes drug addiction and related illness.
  • Also, this gap cover excludes riots and active military duty from the plan.
  • Aviation cover only applies if you are a passenger.
  • Cura does not cover hospitalisation resulting from nuclear weapons or materials.
  • This gap cover excludes obesity surgery from the cover.
  • Also, the plan does not cover any cosmetic surgery or any cosmetic-related costs.

Additional exclusions

Except for races on foot or those using non-mechanically propelled vehicles, all speed races will be excluded.

Gap cover will not cover any procedure that your medical aid declines. That is especially relevant. This gap cover does not cover depression, mental illnesses, stress, psychotic disorders and insanity.

Cura will not cover any costs, including hospital expenses, Ward and theatre fees, medication and Prescribed Minimum Benefits that the member’s medical aid should legally pay. Insured events that you have received treatment for before becoming a member of the scheme are excluded.

There is a 12 month waiting period before Cura will cover pregnancy or maternity benefits.

Also, this cover excludes investigations, treatments and surgery related to infertility.


It is important to remember that gap cover works to cover you for additional costs, over and above a medical aid. However, it is not a stand-alone product. You can apply for Cura Gap Cover while being a member of any medical aid.

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All info was correct at time of publishing