Where to Find Medical Gap Cover in SA

It’s easy to find medical Gap Cover. One of the leading providers of the medical gap in South Africa is Liberty Life.

Indeed, Gap Cover will protect you from costs not covered by your medical aid because of the difference between what your medical scheme pays out and the actual costs.

Find Medical Gap Cover – Liberty Life Takes Their Customers Seriously

Liberty Health knows that health and health care costs are a major concern for their clients. They will offer plans tailored to the customer’s needs. Hence, their medical gap cover products will give you peace of mind regarding your medical expenses.

Further, Liberty Life makes use of the top medical providers to deliver the best solutions to customer’s medical needs. Because no one should take a chance with their health or their finances, that is why gap cover is so crucial.

Get Medical Gap Cover from Liberty

Indeed, LibeFind medical gap coverrty offers some of the leading gap cover products in South Africa. But even so, you might still be unsure about what gap cover is. It is a short-term insurance product that you take over and above your traditional medical aid, to cover the shortfall (or gap) between what hospitals and specialists charge and what the medical aid schemes payout.

Buying Medical Gap Cover – What Liberty Gap Cover Provides

Liberty offers a range of plans depending on your needs.

Also, you can get extra oncology or cancer cover. And you can also get great additional dental cover.

Not to mention, Liberty does not have any restrictions in terms of age or number of children per family.

In fact, you can even include a spouse on a different medical aid to the principal member. Liberty’s plans offer to cover up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff for in-hospital treatment and 50 out-patient procedures are covered.

Further benefits of Liberty Gap Cover

  • No annual limits
  • PMB – prescribed minimum benefits are covered, over and above medical aid limits.
  • Co-payment cover
  • for certain procedures co-payments as well as hospital admissions
  • and co-payments of non-approved service providers
  • as well as co-payments for outpatient procedures and treatments such as MRI. CT scans and PET scans

Even more Benefits of Liberty Medical Gap Cover

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Mobility
  3. Emergency rescue services
  4. Trauma counselling
  5. Life support
  6. Accident benefits
  7. Prostate cancer
  8. Road accident cover
  9. Cancer sub-limit co-payment

Above all, do not get caught by surprise, and face unexpected medical bills that will put you under financial stress. Either way, it is a vital product thus the sooner you look into it, the better.

Granted that you are a member of a listed medical aid, we can help you find medical gap cover to provide you with peace of mind.

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