Universal Gap Cover Helps to Cover Medical Shortfalls

universal gap coverIf you or your dependents ever need expert medical care. Are you certain that your medical aid will pay 100% of the costs? Universal Gap Cover can help you with this.

Most South Africans believe they will be fully covered for any costs incurred on the road to recovery. But in many cases, they are just wrong. And end up paying huge medical bills they did not expect, and cannot afford.

What they fail to realise is that medical aid and hospital schemes only promise to pay 100% of Medical Scheme Tariffs (otherwise known as MST’s). And, in many cases, experts will charge far more than what your insurance is willing to pay.

When this happens, it is the policyholder who must fork out the unpaid amount – which could easily be 300% or more than the amount “covered” by the medical aid!

The extra costs could arise from any number of sources, including specialist procedures, extended hospital stays or even hospital consumables. And you will have to pay for it.

Protection with Universal Gap Cover

At Universal Cover, we are acutely aware of the pain and burden that extreme and unexpected medical fees can cause. For this reason, we offer two products – Universal Gap Cover and Universal Gap Plus Cover – to provide you with peace of mind. Since you know that your medical payment shortfalls will always be covered when you need them to be.

For just a small monthly premium, Universal Gap Cover offers cover to you and your dependents:

  • Up to 500% of MST rates, allowing you to use the medical expert of your choice and not just the one you can afford.
  • An annual cover of R10 million per family – enough to cover most shortfalls.

In additions, some other benefits come standard with Universal Gap Cover and include:

  • A medical aid premium waiver to pay your policy if you cannot
  • Return of remains if accidental death occurs in South Africa
  • Trauma Counselling if needed
  • A Motor Hijack Benefit
  • An Internal Prosthesis Benefit (schemes often contain strict limits on internal prostheses)
  • Co-payments for out-of-hospital CT and MRI scans (most schemes only cover basic black and white X-rays)
  • A Casualty Room benefit which covers costs when emergency medical treatment is required
The Universal Gap Plus Cover offers all of the benefits of the basic package, and also includes:
  • Great cover for co-payments and deductibles, increasing the cover that you and your loved ones receive
  • As well as co-payments on dental surgery

With benefits like these, it’s not surprising that Universal Cover is the winner of five different awards. Which include Best Managed Care Organisation and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Further, Gap Cover affords you peace of mind. Since you know you will receive the best treatment by the right person. And that you are financially covered.

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All info was correct at time of publishing