Stratum Base Option Details for South Africa

For South Africans, gap cover is now essential. With the cost of medical treatment ever on the increase, we need assistance. If you have a medical aid, you need to consider the benefits of taking out Stratum Base gap cover.

Stratum is an established company with over 15 years of history under its belt. The company uses its experience to offer affordable gap cover.

Falling in the top ten companies in South Africa for gap companies, Stratum keeps costs low by cutting out the middleman.

Stratum passes the savings on to you. Instead of wasting a portion of your premium on broker’s commissions, you get better cover. Stratum’s gap cover will pay the shortfall not paid by your medical aid.


Protection for Your Whole Family

In those instances where your medical scheme imposes a co-payment, Stratum will come into play. Now the shortfall when it comes to day to day expenses is not much if anything.

Stratum Base Medical Shortfall Option

The shortfall when it comes to hospital stays, however, can be substantial. In some cases, you will have to pay an upfront fee before admission. If your medical aid does not pay this, Stratum will.


What Stratum Base Pays Out

The Base product from Stratum will pay the shortfall between what you are charged and what your medical aid will pay. The cover extends to up to 500% of medical aid tariffs.



With all medical aids, there are sub-limits that apply for certain procedures. Exceed these sub-limits, though, and the cover stops. Gap cover will cover you in this instance. And cover also applies when it comes to treatments for cancer.


Casualty Situations

Stratum Base does cover casualty treatments and certain outpatient treatments that may not be covered by your medical aid.

In an emergency situation, you are not going to be able to get pre-authorisation from your medical scheme. You might even need to visit a hospital that is out of network.

In either instance, you could be looking at paying a substantial fee. Stratum will cover that.


Premium Waiver

So, what happens if you lose your job or are unable to work because of a disability? The Elite and Comprehensive plans include a Premium Waiver as well.

That means that the company will continue to cover you for a while so that you can get back on your feet.

When it comes to insurance cover, no one likes to admit that they need it. We all, somewhere in our minds, feel it will never happen to us.


Perhaps you have never been sick a day in your life, and so you feel this cover is unnecessary. With all luck, you won’t need emergency hospital care anytime soon.

But what happens if you are involved in an accident? What happens if you are assaulted, or, heaven forbid, diagnosed with a dread disease?

Do you have the financial resources to pay in the excess that your medical aid will not? Can you take that kind of chance? Are you willing to take a chance when it comes to your family?


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