Liberty Medical Shortfall Insurance

You may have heard of Liberty medical shortfall insurance. IImportatnly another name for it is Liberty gap cover. And which ever name you know it by, it is short-term insurance that a financial service provider has underwritten.

Liberty offers this insurance product because there is often a gap between the medical aid tariffs and the actual cost of procedures.

That is because there is nothing that compels doctors, surgeons, etc. to charge the medical aid tariffs that your scheme sets. Most of the time, they will charge more than these rates. That can amount to quadruple the rate as laid out by the scheme.

And guess who has to pay that excess – you.

Liberty Medical Shortfall Insurance

Why Look at Liberty Medical Shortfall Insurance

  • Your premium covers you and any other dependents listed on your medical aid
  • There are no limitations when it comes to age
  • The benefits offered are amongst the best in South Africa regarding comprehensive cover
  • No medical exam necessary

Benefits of Liberty Medical Shortfall Insurance

Some of the benefits include:

  • Prescribed minimum benefits
  • Cover for treatments in hospital
  • Cover for some out-patient treatments
  • Dentistry cover for reconstructive dentistry in the event of an accident

The Costs

To get a no-obligation medical shortfall quotation, please complete and send the form on this page

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