Kaeloxelus group Gap cover for the whole Family

Kaeloxelus group gap cover understands that the proper health of its members is vital.

It knows that what you truly want is access to excellent healthcare.

The benefits offered by standard medical aid plans are shrinking and are in an untenable situation.

They have a limited income and need to act in the best interests of all their clients. Medical costs are rising to the highest levels ever.

Medical aid firms have set rates for claims that they receive. If your doctor charges more than these rates, you are on your own paying for the excess.

Kaeloxelus group Gap cover and the Fusion solution

Kaeloxelus Group Gap Cover

That is where the Fusion Solution from KaeloXelus comes in. This cover is designed to cover the excess that your medical aid does not pay.

See Fusion as adding to your existing cover as it relieves the worry of not being able to pay for large medical bills.

But the cover is not just for the excess that your medical aid won’t pay. It also covers you should you exceed the sub-limits within your medical cover and charged co-payments.

When it comes to a major medical procedure, these can all add up to a lot. Included are oncology benefits to give you further peace of mind if diagnosed with this dread disease.

Cover for the Excess

With any luck, you haven’t needed any surgery lately. If that is the case, you probably have no idea just how expensive surgery is. Medical aid tariffs these days are very high with most surgeons charging a lot more.

Fusion pays up to five times what the standard medical tariffs are to ensure that these costs get paid. It includes trips to hospitals or day clinics and also extends to specialist treatment in the hospital.

Unlike some other policies, Fusion covers each procedure. There is a prescribed minimum benefit cover.

You will also be able to claim for ALL those who make some contribution to the procedure. If you need to have counselling before surgery, for example.

The current cover is not subject to currency limits.

Kaeloxelus group Gap cover Boosters are available 

The Family Booster: R12 000 is payable if your child is prematurely born by more than six weeks.

The Hospital Booster: You are paid an additional lump sum for a protracted stay in hospital as follows:

  • For the first 7 – 13 days: R600 daily.
  • The next 14 – 20 days: R1 200 daily.
  • Up to 21 – 30 days: R1800 daily.

When it comes to events related to trauma, the benefit begins on day one, not day seven.

The Family Protector: If you or one of your beneficiaries is permanently disabled, you receive a cash sum of R12 000. Should this be as a result of an accident, you receive a cash sum of R24 000.

The Contribution Waiver Benefit Extender: If the main member of the policy dies or becomes disabled, the plan will cover six months of premiums for the medical plan up to a maximum of R4000.

This benefit also includes the waiver of the premiums for the Fusion plan during this period.

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