A Group gap Cover plan from Stratum also covers Individuals

We offer group gap cover from Stratum to allow our members to have total peace of mind regarding unforseen medical expenses.

As one of the leading specialists in the gap cover field, Stratum offers consistent value for money.

If your medical aid does not fully cover the fees charged by private practitioners, Stratum will cover the difference.

Stratum offers a range of benefits, full support for queries and a fast claim system to all our clients.

Group gap Cover from Stratum – Personal and Corporate

Group Gap Cover from Stratum

Should you be liable for a portion of your medical bill, Stratum will pay up to five times normal medical aid rates for that part.

There are no limits to how much you can claim or how many times you can claim with the following procedures:

  • Visits to doctors or specialists
  • Radiology of a more basic nature. (PET, MRI and CT scan not included in this cover}
  • Any medication that is prescribed within the hospital or if you are an outpatient
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • All disposable items such as gloves, cotton balls, bandages, etc.

Stratum’s Co-evolution

Any co-payments or deductibles charged, are paid for by Stratum. There is an annual limit of R40 000 for each policy.

If you receive a cancer diagnosis for the first time, there is a cash payment of R5000. The cover extends to cancer treatments as well.

Coverage of Costs

The extent of your cover depends on which plan you choose.

The casualty Benefit

This benefit pays for costs that result from casualty visits and includes:

  • Doctor’s and specialist visits
  • Co-payments and any upfront fees
  • Medication needed because of a loss event
  • Disposables such as gloves, cotton balls, bandages, etc.
  • Pathology
  • Radiology of a basic nature

The Core plan has an annual limit of R5000 for emergency room visits. The Co-Evolution plan increases this annual limit to R6000.

Counselling in the Event of a Trauma

If you have suffered serious bodily harm, a victim of a crime or diagnosed with a dread disease, your policy covers trauma counselling. The Core plans annual limit for this cover is R5000. With the Co-Evolution plan, the annual limit increases to R6000.

Group gap Cover from Stratum for You and Your Partner

Whether you chose the core plan or the co-evolution plan, one policy covers you both. If you have other dependents on the same plan, they are covered under the one premium.

The cost for the base plan is R180 per month per family. The cost for the Co-Evolution plan is R225 per month per family.

You get to choose the cover for you and your family at a level affordable to you.

Can you afford not to plan for your medical future? Peace of mind or taking a chance with the future – it’s your choice.

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