Gap Cover Protection from Talksure

 What protection does one get from Talksure gap cover?

  • Dubbed Gap Direct, Talksure offers gap cover protection that covers any shortfall between your medical aid and hospital fees
  • Most medical aids only cover in-hospital expenses 100% where in reality costs can go over 500% in some cases
  • Medical gap cover works hand in hand with medical aid so as to provide you with total medical expenses coverage
  • And included in Gap Direct insurance is is between a 100% to 500% coverage for a number of out-patient and in-patient procedures

What Gap Direct protection covers

Gap Direct medical aid gap cover protects you against sudden, unexpected medical bills that total more than your medical aid set limits. That is because medical aid plans do not protect their members against hospital expenses 100%. And that is because 100% is, at minimum, the absolute least amount chargeable, and not, Gap Cover Protectionas many believe, the maximum.

Significantly, the definition of gap cover is the difference between the sum that medical aid schemes will pay and the charges attributable to medical practitioners for in-hospital procedures.  This is because for some time now, most South African private specialists have charged over 100% for most procedures. This means it is becoming more prevalent for a medical aid member to receive a medical bill for every hospitalisation even with 100% medical aid cover.

Low premiums

Gap Direct charges a low monthly premium of R104 for the peace of mind that comes with medical aid gap insurance.

Talksure also offers value added cover services. One of these is Contact a Doctor, Contact a Nurse benefit. This is a doctor helpline that is manned 24 hours a day by medical practioners. It provides assistance and advice to every Talksure Gap Protect members.

Gap Protect clients are able to discuss matters that are medically related with qualified medical personell about:

  • Treatment and diagnosis telephone based follow ups
  • Advice and guidance on prescribed treatment side effects
  • Specialist doctor guidance
  • Drug regime guidance
  • Medical diagnosis clarity and confirmation
  • Second opinion
  • Medical advice


Cover for trauma treatment

A trauma therapy benefit is also offered by Talksure Gap Protect gap cover, for the purposes of members who are either witness to or a part of a tramatic happening. Importantly, the benefit includes:

  • One on one counselling for up to R3000 for every visit with a professional counsellor
  • Referrals to consultant professional counsellors
  • And unlimited telephone counselling

Should a policy holder become exposed, through being a part of, an assault or a trauma, to HIV, then they can take advantage of:

  • Pathology tests
  • Antiretroviral HIV care lasting 25 days, including therapy to deal with sexually transmitted diseases
  • A starter pack lasting 3 days
  • Medical consultation
  • HIV treatment location emergency evacuation (ER24 only)
  • Telephone based, 24 hour counselling and advice helpline

High praise is evidenced by strong personal client recommendations of how gap cover has saved many a policy holder from financial ruin from sudden and unexpected hospital visits. And Talksure Gap Protect offers much needed gap insurance products in various forms, for both families and individuals to suit various budgets and needs.

So make gap cover your essential component of a broad personal insurance portfolio today.

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All info was correct at time of publishing