Offering Gap Cover as an Employee perk is a Real Bonus

Staff perks play a major role in attracting great employees. A Gap cover employee perk need not cost the company a fortune, though.

Gap cover can be a cost-effective way to increase employee benefits, as long as your staff members belong to a registered medical aid they can receive gap cover.

A gap cover Employee perk is a benefit everyone Would like to Have

Gap cover employee perk

Medical treatment in South Africa these days is extremely expensive. Therefore, medical aid firms need to limit their liability and have standard rates on which they base the claim payments.

If you look through your policy document, you will see that a medical aid plan pays out according to set rates.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that medical aid pays 100% of the bill for a hospital stay. What they do pay, however, is 100% of their pre-determined rates.

If the doctor concerned charges more than these pre-determined rates, the employee is liable for the difference.

You can help alleviate that burden for the employee by including Gap cover as a perk.

You should note, however, that gap cover only comes into play once medical aid has paid their portion. A claim, rejected by the medical aid in its entirety, means gap cover doesn’t apply.

What Does Gap Cover Cost?

Premiums start at around R150 per month. This premium usually covers the staff member, their spouse and their dependents.

To get a quote as to how much this could end up costing you, just fill in the form. Then submit the form to get a FREE quote.

Alternative Low-Cost Perks


There are two ways of approaching this – run a childcare facility or partner with one. Providing childcare for your employees is a win-win situation for both of you. Your employee’s productivity will increase because they know that their kids are looked after.

Employees will log fewer sick/ personal days as they no longer need to take time off to care for their children.

Gym Membership

Again, this is a winning situation for both employee and employer. Staff have a way to stay fit and reduce their stress. They become more healthy and productive to boot. It might also end up being a great team-building exercise – staff can go together to the gym.

Subsidized Smartphones

You can offer this as a perk to employees. Allow them to keep up to date with technology by subsidising their cell phones. You could pay for the phone and allow them to pay for the airtime. This way, employees have access to the latest in technology and can get more done out of the office as well. Plus, you are able to reach them at any time.

Provide Transport

How many times have you heard the excuse, “The taxi was late” or “My car wouldn’t start”. By supplying your employees with transportation to and from work, you increase productivity.

A Gap cover employee Perk is a Smart way to keep Everyone happy

When it comes to offering perks, sometimes all you need to do is to think outside of the box.

Request a gap cover quote NOW if you belong to a medical aid plan

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