Can HIV Positive People Get Medical Gap Cover?

Can HIV positive people get gap cover?

Medical aid in this country provides cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB).

HIV Aids falls under these benefits. No one may be denied as a member if they have AIDS.

For a medical aid member, this is good news. It means that you receive help when it comes to the treatment of the disease. This forms part of the PMB and so you will have cover no matter which option you are on.

Can HIV positive People get gap Cover?

Can HIV positive people get gap coverGap cover providers cannot refuse you as a member if you have AIDS. However, you might need to wait a year before being able to claim for treatment relating to the disease.

What you Get from Your medical Aid

You receive full hospital cover if you use the preferred network. Should you decide to go to another provider, you could end up having to pay.

More than the Minimum

Many healthcare firms offer clients added benefits. HIV testing is usually free. Some companies pay for the treatment of the deficiencies in the immune system that the virus causes.

Management of the Disease

A lot of insurers give their clients access to the wellness programmes to aid in the management of the disease as well. This makes sense –as it helps the clients stay healthier for longer and thus they don’t need to claim as much.

Clients must let their medical aid company know they have HIV in order to access the benefits. These might include:

  • Anti-retroviral treatments
  • Treatments to help stop secondary infections
  • Regular monitoring to see if the treatment is working, the progress of the disease and if there are side effects
  • Expert advice from specialists in the disease
  • A 24-hour support line

Can HIV positive people get gap cover?

If you have gap cover from Discovery, they pay for medication to prevent the disease from being transmitted from a mother to her child. Anti-retrovirals and counselling are provided for those who have been sexually assaulted or exposed accidentally.

Each plan allows for chronic medication in respect of the PMB. Members are allowed unlimited benefits when it comes to being in a hospital. however, they must apply for pre-authorisation.

Blood tests, counselling and, where appropriate, baby formula are provided under these plans.

This is just an example of how one of the big companies deal with members who have Aids. They gear themselves towards improving the health of the member overall and to the prevention of further transmission of the disease.

People with HIV/Aids do not need to fear being penalised by insurers anymore. Insurance is available to everyone, regardless of their current status.

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Note: the only criterion for qualifying for gap insurance is to belong to a registered South African medical aid. Check this list to ensure you qualify.

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