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Medical aid members are concerned that their monthly premiums are becoming higher but their benefits less. That why people look for Bonitas gap cover, for instance.

They can’t believe that a stint in hospital can cause them to have to dig deep into their pockets to pay for bills that they believe their medical aids should be paying – that’s after all what they’ve got medical aid for.

No Need to Suffer Great Financial Loss

Bonitas medical scheme members have seen, after great personal financial loss, that there is a gap between what their medical scheme pays for their hospital bills and what some in-hospital procedures can cost them.  So now they look at gap cover as an essential insurance product.

  • The advantage of having gap cover from Bonitas is that you are insured against some of the costs incurred with an in-hospital procedure. Bonitas says that gap cover is an individual choice and that Bonitas pays for maternity Bonitas Gap Coverbenefits and you get as many as 12 consultations during your pregnancy.
  • The maximum age for gap cover is 60 and there will also be some waiting periods.
  • Gap cover from Bonitas is an insurance policy and falls under the Long and Short Term Insurance Act.
  • In exchange for a monthly premium to Bonitas, members of this medical aid receive benefits at scheme rates. Bonitas Medical Fund is the 2nd largest open medical scheme in South Africa. Their wish is to make quality healthcare accessible to all South Africans.
  • Bonitas medical aid members find that practitioners don’t follow the NHRPL and medical aid scheme rates. So they charge what they like.

High Hospital Rates and Shortfalls

This led to high hospital rates for Bonitas medical aid members. And experience has simply taught them that it’s gap cover or face possible financial ruin.

While gap cover insurance from Bonitas doesn’t do the job of a medical aid, it does help you cover the risk of costs which you will incur during a stint in hospital. Gap insurance also provides cover for sub-limits and co-payments.

There has always been a lack of regulation around specialists’ fees. Therefore specialists charge well over the medical aid tariff guidelines. Gap cover has become an integral part of medical aids.

Bonitas knows that medical insurance products have been a controversial topic for a long time. So the Government tried to ensure a clear demarcation between Medical Aid and Medical Insurance. Now the gap benefit is limited to 150 000 per person each year.

You’re not Safe with Just Medical Aid

Even if you have medical aid, you’re not medically safe and sound. You could be faced with gigantic medical costs if you don’t have gap cover. Having gap cover simply ensures that you’re able to afford medical care when you land up sick or injured in hospital.

Contact Bonitas today and find out about their gap cover which is a vitally important enhancement to your medical aid.


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