The ANC government, common sense and medical gap cover

The ANC hates medical gap cover. Why? The government has been trying very hard to get gap cover banned.

Luckily for us, insurers fought back and the legislation now proposed that this form of insurance be changed.

However, it will not be completely scrapped. It seems crazy that the government would be against an insurance product that assists citizens

The ANC hates Medical gap cover, but Why?

ANC hates medical gap coverWhen it comes to high medical expenses, don’t the ANC act in the best interest of the people?

Unfortunately, this government has proven that it certainly does not act in the best interest of the people it represents.

While a lot is said in parliament about redressing social inequalities within the country, for the man on the street, this is largely lip service.

It sounds good – the government wants to provide a social health care system that everyone can take part in. Instead of each person having their own medical aid, they will be pooled together in a government scheme.

More money, but For who?

In theory, this might seem like a good idea. However, there are those who warn that it could be yet another way for corrupt leaders to line their own pockets.

It appears that the current government has determined that the medical aid industry in this country is a profitable avenue.

They want their cut and have been working towards changing things. The ultimate goal seems to be that they will be able to bring the industry under the government control.

Who is Going to Pay?

The funding of this grand scheme is once again going to be those who work. Not satisfied with the taxes provided by taxpayers, the government now wants workers to further subsidise the unemployed.

So, who is going to pay for this? It will be you and me – the people who work hard for our money. Trials of the system were put in place to determine whether or not service will be as good with the NHI, especially as it is providing a free service.

And, surprise, surprise, it has proven that it is not working. Service is poor and the quality of care is not as good. Not long before January 2017, the Government Gazette published the proposed legislation.

ANC hates Medical gap cover –  So why is Gap cover in the Firing line?

Gap cover is not that popular with the medical aid firms either. It cuts into their business. While you have to have a medical aid to get gap cover, you can settle for less comprehensive cover.

Put more simply, gap cover allows you to choose a less comprehensive plan when it comes to your medical aid.

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All info was correct at time of publishing